Collagen Wave Facial

Skin tightening for face and neck. Relaxing, gentle treatment with no downtime. Lifts and tightens, chin, cheek jaw and neck. Skin tightening without needles or surgery.

A gentle treatment that has deep benefits using specialised serums targeted for specific needs.

This treatment uses a radio frequency machine to tighten skin anywhere on the face, neck or body. Treatment focuses on one area per session. Face and neck can be done as one area combined.

It provides excellent results for individuals wanting lifting effects from a facial. It has no downtime and will not leave the skin red, sensitive or irritated.

This treatment can also be used on the body to tighten loose, sagging skin, particularly for those undergoing weight loss.

At Aliyah Health and aesthetics we include a complimentary mini facial with this treatment to give your skin a beautiful glow whilst lifting. After treatment you will notice face will appear more defined as skin sits more tightly and gives a contouring affect. For best results a course of 3-6 weekly sessions is recommended. Allow 30-60 mins for treatment.