Skin Issues: Sensitive Skin/Rosacea

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Replenish and renew sensitive skin with reviving skin treatments

Individuals with a heightened intolerance to products and the environment are said to have sensitive skin. They may experience redness, discomfort, bumps and irritation. Causes of sensitivity include skin disorders like eczema or rosacea, overly dry skin due to a compromised hydrolipid barrier, and overexposure to irritants like wind, sun and harsh topical ingredients. In all cases, the skin’s moisture barrier is impaired, which leads to dryness and irritation.

Sensitive skin can be treated using the following methods:

  1. LED – Without a doubt, phototherapy is a saviour for sensitive skin. By using specific wavelengths of LED light, it helps to repair your skin barrier at a cellular level. Red is the best coloured light for damaged tissue – not only does it stimulate collagen production, but it boosts circulation, and reduces inflammation. LED really needs to be done regularly (twice a week is a good start) and long-term to reap the benefits. There are some excellent home masks on the market, but ideally you would also continue with at least one professional clinic treatment a week while using them.
  2. Profhilo – As hydration is key to aiding sensitive skin recovery, it makes sense to invest in Profhilo, which has one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market. Inserted just beneath the barrier, it helps skin retain more moisture, improving its elasticity and volume. It usually takes two sessions to see the full impact, but your results should last for around six months to a year.