Under Eyes

If you have poor quality skin and would like to have this treatment we recommend getting a course of Skin Boosters treatment initially to help improve skin as this will give you much better results when you have soft tissue dermal filler treatment. Our clinic treatment will involve LISTENING to what your goals are and tailoring a plan to get you the desired results you are looking for. A full consultation and facial assessment will be taken prior to any treatment.

This treatment improves the quality of skin under the eyes without using dermal fillers. You will notice skin tone and texture to become stronger, hydrated and more youthful. This improves dark shadows, hollowness, lines and wrinkles.

This treatment can be used a an under eye boost of one treatment for those with minimal issues. For those with more deep set dark shadows, hollowness or lines and wrinkles we recommend a course of between 2-4 treatments for long term results, after which a booster can be given twice a year to keep under eyes healthy looking and fresh.

The treatment involves placing micro-drops of serum under the skin in the under eye area which spreads over the course of 1-3 days being absorbed into the skin tissue proving noticeable results almost immediately. Some downtime is to be expected (around 1-5 days) with possibly slight bruising or swelling temporarily in the area which resolves in a few days. Therefore, we recommended allowing 1-2 weeks before a special event.