IV Drips

At Restore Skin and Health we offer a wide variety of IV drips for health and wellbeing, flooding the body with 100% bioavailable nutrition. These are ideal for individuals who struggle to maintain good nutrients from their diet, those with poor gut health, those looking to improve sports and performance, pre- and post-surgery, pre and post pregnancy/ childbirth and those looking to improve their general health and energy.

IV drips contain a cocktail of multi vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. They provide 100% absorption into the body as opposed to oral supplements which only provide 10%. Some typical nutrients provided are vitamin B12, B Complex, Vitamin C, Ferritin, Glutathione antioxidant. These will be discussed during your health assessment/ blood review.

All IV drip therapy is subject to a health assessment followed by an in-clinic blood test to check for suitability of treatment and to provide the best out of your IV drip. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept blood tests done elsewhere. Treatment is offered as a means to boost health and wellbeing, not to diagnose or treat underlying diseases or health conditions.

*Must be over 18 years.

IV Drips FAQs

A slight pinch can sometimes be felt during the cannulation process. This is usually quick and gentle and we will always do our best to take care of any nervousness or anxiety you may feel. Please talk to us if you are feeling anxious or nervous during the treatment.


IV drips usually take between 20-40 minutes to drip through, depending how hydrated you are.

When you arrive for treatment we will review your medical assessment and check for any changes or updates in your health concerns. You will recline in the couch and made to feel relaxed before being cannulated using a sterile, aseptic technique. This is the process of administrating the IV cocktail. Access is obtained through a suitable vein. The IV drip will gently drip through over the course of 20-40 mins. You may experience a strange taste of vitamins during the session. For this we can give you some water or a sweet to suck on. Once it has finished dripping through, we will remove the cannula and you will be finished with the treatment.

Hydrate with water before and after treatment. The better hydrated you are the better the results of absorption will be and the easier it be to cannulate you. Eat something light an hour before hand. Do not have a heavy meal immediately before treatment.

Hydrate with water. Have something light to eat. Avoid tea, coffee and grapefruit juice for a day. This will inhibit the absorption of the vitamins.

After treatment you may feel either very relaxed or more energetic, depending on your health condition. On rare occasions individuals may feel nauseous or have a headache. This usually self-resolves and would normally only last a day. It is safe to take paracetamol for a headache should you need to.

This is very dependent on your health needs and blood checks and will be discussed during consultation and review of your blood results.

Scientific research has shown these to be highly effective in providing essential nutrients to the body which is fast, effective and easy. At Restore Skin and Health we ensure all relevant vitamins are obtained through UK pharmacies who rigorously check all items and hold only UK-approved and CE marked prescription items. A thorough Health Assessment prior to any treatment will ensure only those who are suitable for IV drips are booked in for this treatment.

IV drips contain a cocktail of vitamins, mineral, amino acids and antioxidants depending on what your health needs are. This is ascertained by a blood test prior.

During treatment you may experience an unpleasant taste in your mouth of vitamins, this disappears once the IV drip has finished being administered. On some rare occasion some individuals may experience headache or nausea for a short period of time as the body adjusts.