Hijama Cupping Therapy

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a great treatment for deep detox, to unload the body of overloaded toxins, release compression, ease aches, pains and headaches and restore the health back to peak condition.

Hijama Cupping removes stagnated blood directly from particular meridians on the body. An antibacterial/ antiseptic is applied to the areas to be cupped and specialised ‘cups’ are placed on top with the use of a handheld pump to create a vacuum. This pulls up the skin and draws stagnated blood to the surface of the skin creating a ‘cup-kiss’ mark. The areas are pricked gently and the stagnated blood is drawn out. It is a gentle treatment that yields excellent results in aid of relaxation and decreasing pain in the body.

This therapy combines well with decompression massage for complete release and reset of stress and tension in the body.


It clears the body of overloaded toxins found in the blood circulatory system, rebalancing the natural PH.

Hijama Cupping Therapy FAQs

The session typically takes between 30-45 mins depending on your needs.

Some slight discomfort may be felt but it should not be painful. If you are feeling worried or anxious, please discuss with the practitioner. We believe in a gentle hand at Restore Skin and Health Clinic.

Yes you will be able to drive and resume normal activities straight after treatment.

Feeling scared or anxious for the first time can be normal for some people. This is not a problem and we are very able to deal with any worries or concenrs in clinic. The best thing is to discuss your concerns with the practitioner. They will be able to advise, reassure you and answer any further questions that may be worrying you.

Yes. There are no contraindications with this.

Yes. If cupping therapy is performed safely, gently and with the right technique it will not contribute to anaemia. The blood toxins that are removed are not taken from the veins/ arteries where the iron-rich blood circulates. An assessment on the best meridians for your individual needs along with avoiding unsafe areas that must not be cupped will ensure you get the best results from your treatment.

  • Shower before treatment and wear loose, comfortable clothes that are easy to remove. 
  • Many meridians are on the back therefore ladies are requested not to wear sports bra that do not unfasten from behind.
  • Please have a light meal or something to eat an hour before treatment. Do not come to treatment very hungry or after having eaten a heavy meal. This affects blood sugars during treatment.
  • You must be well hydrated and feeling comfortable before the session.
  • You will be in good hands and well taken care so please do not be nervous.
  • If you feel anxious about treatment please feel free to talk to your practitioner to discuss any issues.
  • You may resume usual daily activities after the session but do not do heavy exercise until the next day.
  • Hydrate with plenty of water and have something to eat after the session. We recommend a nourishing meal to aid the body in the process of detox.
  • This treatment is excellent paired with decompression massage and IV drips to increase health and wellbeing.
  • Avoid showering again until the next day. Use tepid water and do not scrub the area until fully healed.
  • Use the aftercare kit provided over the next few days to prevent dryness and itching.