Regenerative Polynucleotide Therapy

With 41 years of scientific research and development, 36 years of medical application, 1.8 millions uses and no adverse or allergic reactions, Polynucleotides are the gold standard in true skin regeneration. Utilising filtered, ultra purified and sterilised natural DNA fractions, this injectable serum offers some serious benefits and incredible, visible results.

These can be used anywhere on the face and body to stimulate tissue regeneration. The most exciting area (in my opinion), is under the eyes. Only a small percentage of people are suitable for tear trough filler. Therefore, polynucleotides offer a great alternative. And rather than just filling, like what a filler does. Polynucleotides will stimulate your own body to produce the results-so it is all you!

The way in which Polynucleotides differs from familiar injectables such as Profhilo is that it’s a bio-stimulant gel, rather than hyaluronic acid. Yet, it still does the all-important job of stimulating fibroblasts – the major cells responsible for the production of collagen. Polynucleotides directly stimulates specific receptors on the fibroblast cells and produces the healthy collagen that we have in our youth. While both treatments are highly effective, they each have their own ideal candidate. Polynucleotides are fantastic for the more mature age group as it regenerates sagging and dehydrated skin and thickens the tissues.