Holistic health treatments to provide complete health restoration to revive and balance the body.


Blood Tests
We offer a wide variety of private blood tests for complete health and wellbeing.


IV Drips
At Restore Skin and Health we offer a wide variety of IV drips for health and well-being.


Vitamin Shots
A great way to boost health that is fast, effective and fuss-free.


Hijama Cupping Therapy
This therapy combines well with decompression massage for complete release and reset of stress and tension in the body.

Decompression Massage Therapy
A unique, signature technique of massage to release compression in the body.

Ear Wax Removal
We offer an ear wax removal service in our clinic for those finding they may have blockages.

Medical Acupuncture is a great treatment for pain relief using the body’s own central nervous system for balance and restoration.

Balance your body & mind

Nootropics are brain-boosters: they are known to enhance cognitive performance & improve brain health. They work in many ways to produce a wide range of benefits.

Approved snow® whitening kit

Looking for a whiter, brighter smile? Meet SNOW®. Based in Arizona and shipped around the world, it’s the best-known at-home whitening system in celeb circles.