Clinically proven skin treatments and advanced facials to get your skin healthy, vibrant and luminous. All skin treatments and facials are subject to a skin assessment prior to treatment. Treatments suitable for all skin types.

Skin Boosters
Skin boosters provide deep hydration, nourishment and skin conditioning to dull, dehydrated skin.

Regenerative Therapy (Face)
Natural-based skin treatments that create biostimulation of your own skin cells to heal and repair.

Liquid Peels
Perfect for dissolving built up dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, bright complexion.

Microneedling with Serums
Microneedling using powerful serums to improve the condition of your skin.

Eradicate acne and scarring for a clean complexion without breakouts.

Heal and repair aged skin for a healthy, youthful complexion.

Treatment to correct hyperpigmentation and create an even skin tone

Heal redness and correct rosacea skin condition.


Sensitive Skin
Repair the skin barrier to normalise skin and prevent sensitivity.

Soft Tissue Fillers
Natural shaping and enhancing of your own unique face structure.

Under eyes
This treatment improves the quality of skin under the eyes without using dermal fillers.

Advance HydraFacial
The advanced hydra facial containing multi-step treatment for deep cleansing.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (face)
Tightening the skin using gentle radio frequency waves.

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LED Light Therapy
Gently stimulating the skin at different depths for improvement in lines, wrinkle, acne and various skin conditions.

Wrinkle Relaxing
Relaxes over-active muscles which create lines and wrinkles on the face/ jaw line slimming/ ease headaches.