Combat cellulite and stretch marks with non-invasive treatments that really work

Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin that occurs during a period of rapid body growth such as puberty or pregnancy. These long narrow streaks appear red or purple to begin with and fade out over time due to loss of pigmentation. They are particularly visible on the stomach, buttocks, thighs, breasts, hips, upper arms and décolletage. While stretch marks are completely normal and common, not everyone feels confident in having them.

Cellulite is a term for the formation of lumps and dimples in the skin. The research shows between 80 & 90% of women may experience cellulite during their lifetime.

Stretch marks and cellulite can be treated using the following methods:

  1. Radiofrequency skin tightening (body)
  2. Microneedling 
  • Reduced dimpling. When cellulite forms beneath your skin, it creates dimples
  • Improved blood flow. Undergoing procedures and treatment to reduce cellulite enhances blood flow
  • Toned Skin. Cellulite reduction is a great way to achieve toned skin
  • Improved body shape
  • Stimulate collagen growth to reduce the appearance of stretch marks